Meet the Team

Daniela Ortega Orozco
COO & Co-founder

Daniela, or Danny as everyone likes to call her was born in Mexico City. She has a huge passion for travel, good food and wine. Her interest in making people happy lead her to a degree in Hospitality Management (part of which she studied in Paris, France). Daniela graduated from a very prestigious private university in 2014 and has experience working in the service industry for some of Mexico´s most popular restaurant chains as well as for Expo Santa Fe, organising events for international clients. In early 2016, she decided to quit her job and join her fiancé (Diego) for a journey around the world and a nomadic lifestyle. Together they  also write a travel blog, A Dandy Story and work with multiple clients in branding, professional photography and web development.

Diego Torres Coló
CEO & Co-founder

Diego was born in Mexico City and considers himself a citizen of the world. He has always had a huge curiosity for world culture, photography and international business. He has a business degree from Tec de Monterrey and has worked for some big companies such as Procter & Gamble. One of his most memorable work experiences was with Quantum Learning Network, where he had the opportunity to taste the freedom of a nomadic lifestyle and visit most of Asia. Since 2010 he has lived in Playa del Carmen where he has founded several successful projects and has also tasted failure with some unsuccessful start-ups. Since January 2016, he has been travelling Latin America with Danny searching for the best locations for NCP.

Alex Aranda
CFO & Director MX

Alex was born and raised in Mexico City. Since he was a child, he’s always dreamed of living on the beach as a free soul. He is a huge fan of sports, a music lover, and is passionate for traveling and discovering new places.  Alex’s academic achievements include an Engineering Degree and a Masters in Business Operations.  He has gained knowledge over the years from working for large corporations including Sanofi-Adventis, as well as smaller companies and private projects.  In 2012 Alex made the decision to finally fulfil his dream of living on the beach and start his entrepreneur life in Puerto Vallarta. In 2014 he travelled around the world for 12 months, checking off destinations from his bucket list and is now living in Puerto Vallarta, taking NCP to the next level!

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